your voice

i am trying not to talk right now. everything that comes out of my mouth sounds awful. my voice, i can’t stand it sometimes. 

i am trying the kitteh ears to change the voice in my head to lolcat or just non-sensical meows. this would be a relief.

can hear sigsegv42 singing in the other room. it is so fucking beautiful. he is working through something right now. i hope the singing helps. it’s murder by death, by the way. also, i love him very much.

i so want to smoke pot right now but i need a job & i don’t know who may ask me for a drug test. even with the prescription they can decline. this is wrong.

it has been almost 4 months since i’ve had any.

instead of smoking pot i am taking pills.

these pills are more dangerous than marijuana. 

if i end up an addict, it will be because i need a fucking job.

fucking fuck.

thanks for listening.

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